Corporate Team Building – New Buzzword?

Team building has become somewhat of a buzz word in corporate circles over the past few years. Many corporate event planners toss the term ‘corporate team building’ around willy-nilly as part of their marketing talk – but their events don’t always live up to the team building promise. For an event to actually transform and cement new ways of working together, it has to offer more than just lip service and a group trip to go fly-fishing.
Successful corporate team building events have a number of elements in common:

1. The opportunity to see the roadblocks to successful communication and teamwork

2. The chance to see co-workers in unfamiliar roles and situations

3. The necessity to work together toward a common goal

4. The support needed to forge productive new ways of working together

Good corporate event planners take those cut-and-dried concepts and turn them into a fun learning experience. The true geniuses in the corporate event world can create amazing and transforming events that will shake up your organization and wake up inspiration that you never knew existed in your company. Experienced planners of team building events know how to bring your coworkers and employees together in new ways that highlight the strengths you know they have, and show them how to use those strengths to build a solid service or production team that simply can’t be beat.

Teambuild, a norwegian company that specializes in corporate events and group tours, explains that team building challenges can be beneficial in highlighting how work obstacles are overcome by working together. Among the great teambuilding they offer is group tours in the norwegian wilderness, where cooperation to reach the goals is a must. Supervised by professionals.

Other companies plan ‘Service Days’ that may include building a children’s playground for charity or doing work for a local charity. In any case, the value of the day is in the lessons carried home at its end – that the team can overcome anything by getting to know each other and working together – as a team with unique members.

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