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We offer business psychologist services. Feel free to take a look at what we offer or contact us directly.

We have the toolbox

To analyse, plan and implement necessary changes, you will need the right tools. We have the right toolbox, and the competence to use them for your needs here at Teambuild.

We know how to build a team

It can be challenging to build a successful team for the tasks the team is meant for. Knowing people and processes helps a lot in implementing the right strategies and using the right tools.

Building a creative team

Creativity is not only a learned process. It is as much a team effort as an individual one. Creating teams that are self-going and enthusiastic about their cause. Simply by creating a culture.

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"It is not only about technology, it is still about the people using it."

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Teambuild is modern competence center that specialises on business psychology and the people aspect of business.

We specialise in assisting current leadership and their teams to cope with the future.

What we essentially do is to build teams, teams for the future of work life. With the knowledge and know- how related to current challenges in todays organisations. We have the tools to fix these challenges.

We offer consulting next to our established courses and workshops open for anyone. 

Our focus with any of our services is that our clients should have a specific learning outcome from being our client.

Something that adds value to your organisation long after our relation.


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