We have compressed the complex task of building a team within a “team lifecycle”. We offer advising and support in all the aspects of making and maintaining a great team.

Nice you are browsing around to see if our methods can be helpful to build your team to the function you need. To introduce our services briefly, we make something as complex as building teams, more easy. And our main focus is to guide decision makers to build and maintain great teams that carry out the purpose the team has to the full.
Making people adapt a common vision and cooperate, communicate and coordinate together towards that direction can be hard at points. Especially if in-put and out.puts the team makes has to cooperate with other teams or clients. 
It is simply too many theories to understand around this. And when hiring someone it is either someone who focuses on the fun part of building a team. Playing “trust games” and trying to build relations. Or the analytics that gather and produce data to make data driven decisions few understand. That end up not being used or solving much problems in most cases.
So how do we make this building of successful teams easier. We have identified an easy understandable roadmap to building a team. And you are free to read and take in to use our guide on how to use this roadmap. So by having everyone on the same page in the process of building a team, it is easier to work together on it and communicating around it.
We provide a range of services connected to this roadmap on how to build a team. Where it is possible to get services relate to whole or any parts of the roadmap and lifecycle of a team.

Who is this for?

These services are built for the organisations decision makers as a whole. We provide advising and courses to:
- Board members and full board
- Organisational leaders
- Team leaders

Our approach to building great teams

WE are building teams trought a teams lifecycle
We assist in defining team needs when it comes to project implementations. What is needed of skills and competence, what kind of people and what will they do. How will they work?
We assist in putting teams together. Working closely with who to look for with decision makers. 
Map goals of the team
We assist in defining vision of the team and implementing strategies to align a culture to work towards the same goals.
Place expectations and processes in the team
We assist in defining expectations and create processes trough your team and aligning the team with the organisation as a whole.
A team even how great they are, they can not work by themselves like a machine you have built. You will need to have a support structure around your team. We assist with this structure, where we help identify problems within the teams function. What to measure and analyse. Methods and techniques to fix a variety of problems.

Ending the team

As anything, a team has a lifecycle. It is built and sometimes things need to be reorganised, where whole teams and its processes are teared up by the root, and simply changing/ improving processes improving or innovating ways of work or implementing new technology or systems are not enough. Maybe the functions the teams carry out is no longer needed. There are many reasons why a teams functions ends its lifecycle. We assist in total reorganisation and defining new teams and their functions, and building them to function within the organisation.
  • Re- organization 
  • Career Coaching

Want us to help you build your team?

We can help you build your team. Feel free to see the video at the top if you didn't already do. Feel free to contact us!

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