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We have the toolbox

To analyse, plan and implement necessary changes, you will need the right tools. We have the right toolbox, and the competence to use them for your needs here at Teambuild.

We know how to build a team

It can be challenging to build a successful team for the tasks the team is meant for. Knowing people and processes helps a lot in implementing the right strategies and using the right tools.

Building a creative team

Creativity is not only a learned process. It is as much a team effort as an individual one. Creating teams that are self-going and enthusiastic about their cause. Simply by creating a culture.

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Choose the perfect plan

We operate with 3 different payment plans outside of our scheduled open course and workshop modules. The plans include specific dedication to the current issue you need solved. It is advised to book a free appointment in advance so we can see if we can help you. Or if we can point you further in our network to someone who can help you. Looking forward to a nice conversation with you.


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Frequently asked questions

Teamwork functions as any other consulting company. We offer consulting per hour and full or half day specific processes, workshop or other learning outcome. We often use one, and sometimes two instructors  depending on the task needed. Our focus is that the service should have a specific learning outcome. And out goal when we are done is that we have left your organisation with useful seeds that will harvest more value long after purchasing our service. We wish to add value, and that everyone enjoy while we do.

We have a few standardised courses on typical topics we see many have an issue with. These courses and workshops are open for anyone. We have these courses to make it possible for even smaller businesses to purchase and enjoy our services by purchasing an open spot at a course they will need for further growth and development. It is possible to book individuals or multiple team members. The course modules gives great opportunity for asking an expert in the field specific questions.

Like any other consulting company selling high value adding services, we would like to talk to you before we proceed a client relationship. We want to make sure that we can add value to you, and would like to know more about your need beforehand. 

To get in touch with us we have multiple options:

1. Our contact info to directly come in touch with us is listed at the header on mobile devices and in the contact us section in the main menu.

2. Most of the contact us links on our various pages lead the the contact form. Feel free to send us a message there.

3. If you already been in contact with us, or are absolutely convinced that we have what you search for. We would love to hear more. And you can easily book a free appointment with us in our booking system. You will then get a mail that you can add into your calendar.

We would love to hear from you

Our open courses and workshops are open for anyone, as long as it is open spots. You can easily enrolled at them at the various ways possible thought the main menu at the top. Simply press courses or enrolled courses to be guided to where you can buy a spot.

We have developed e-boks from the ways we work. We sell the books mainly brought our pages. You will easily find a link that leads to where you find out books at the various blog posts we share.

Feel free to contact us for further information. Contact Us

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